A First Apartment

It’s been a year… already!

Welcome back to the blog! Today I decided to share all the decor, details and drama within my first-ever apartment. Oh, and P.S…. there’s pictures!

I began this school year by moving into my very first apartment. A one-bedroom, fully furnished Downtown Phoenix apartment that to be honest was a lot less exciting than I’d chalked it up to be.

Our apartment (I lived here with my boyfriend), lacked personality and decor for quite sometime. This can be attributed to the fact that – idk if you know this but – decorating and supplying a brand new apartment is HELLA expensive. I never truly factored in the small and tedious things we would need to purchase like;

  • plates, bowls, cups, glasses, utensils
  • pots, pans, cooking utensils, trays
  • lamps/lighting, towels, laundry detergent
  • cooking essentials like salt, pepper, etc.
  • sheets, pillows, blankets

and more of course! I guess my 18 year old self was pretty focused on the tapestries and photos we’d be hanging rather than the items we would need to function?

So this came as a big surprise to me, and it took a decent amount of time for us to actually start decorating and adding some “life” to the place. Eventually our apartment looked semi-decent… but it wasn’t really until summer began and I started working that I could finally afford to decorate as I’d planned. Are you interested to see what I’m workin’ with?


Did ya like the tour? Now before you leave I want to get into the meatiest part of this post and that is what I learned during my stay in my first apartment. I’ve narrowed the list to a quick 10:

  1. The essentials are expensive – BUT they’re called essentials for a reason! The worst is when you’re in need of something you’re used to having at your parent’s house and you don’t have it.
  2. Be practical! Don’t over-buy, make reasonable and financially smart decisions about decor and appliances.
  3. It is EMBARRASSING inviting your parents to a messy apartment. Be mature, and clean-up after yourself.
  4. *Depending on the complex* A/C + Heat is freaking expensive. Luckily our rent included utilities and electric – however, we had overages! Turn things off or unplug whenever possible.
  5. The dishes and laundry unfortunately don’t do themselves.
  6. Take advantage of the amenities your place has to offer! It took me a while to start going to the pool regularly and I’ll admit I didn’t hit the gym once until summer hit. These things are included in your rent – use them!!!
  7. Thoroughly CHECK your apartment space when you move in. If there are issues, marks, dents, scratches, etc. you need to report or document them so you aren’t charged later on.
  8. DO use your own parking spot, DON’T park in the visitor lot. Even if it’s closer. I have a $200 tow ticket to thank for this little lesson 🙂
  9. Make the space your own in anyway possible! Even if you’re only living there a short while, this place is your home! You should feel at home here.
  10. Cherish the opportunity, the space and the memories you make here. I am so grateful to have lived here for my first apartment. I can’t wait for this year and a new apartment but I will never ever forget my FIRST! ❤

That’s all for today folks. I hope you enjoyed my little apartment tour and hopefully you can relate to these things or learn from them for your first/next living situation!

Thank you so much for visiting the blog today! Go explore the rest of the site if you haven’t already and let me know what you think!


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