18 Things I’ve Learned In 18 Years

As my eighteenth birthday rolls around the corner I have reminisced on the many lessons I have learned throughout those 18 years. Here are the basics; some things I learned on my own, others were taught and some are still in the works.

1. Although being “right” feels good, it’s ok to be “wrong”

Life is just too short for petty arguments; be ok with being wrong sometimes (I’m still working on this one myself).

2. Opening and holding doors, asking the cashier or waiter how their day is going and putting your hand up to “thank” the driver that stops for you is important

It isn’t hard people, be courteous.

3. “Drama” doesn’t stop after high school

I’m sorry but this is such bullshit. There is always “drama,” up until the day so and so didn’t get the invite to your funeral.

4. Travel as much as humanly possible while you can

It’s gon’ suck when ya can’t!

5. You’re not “wasting the day away” if you’re enjoying yourself

Today is a day strictly for Netflix and my bed.

6. The West Coast doesn’t have Cheez Doodles

I’ll just leave this here.

7. Not everybody is going to like you, and you have to be ok with that

Literally NEVER thought I would say these words but; haters are yo motivators!!!

8. Disney movies just don’t get old, like they genuinely can’t

I will continue to watch Finding Nemo, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid and you should too.

9. Listen to your mom

She may not allllwaays be right but 99.9% of the time she has the best advice out there.

10. Pepsi and Coke taste significantly different

And it took me a while but Pepsi is better for sure.

11. Sex in movies is the biggest lie we’ve ever been told

It just simply doesn’t happen that way.

12. Getting bangs is a long-term decision

One time thing? One time thing.

13. The things you do alone are the scariest but most rewarding

Don’t get me wrong, group projects are the bomb and I am all for teamwork but nothing compares to a solo job done well.

14. Make time for family

I freaking lived to 18 because of you people.

15. Social media is toxic for relationships

It is impossible to compete with face tune, and Snapchat is just dangerous.

16. When you look good, you feel good

If you’re sick or feeling down, do your makeup and hair, put on some kick-ass clothes; it’s life-changing.

17. No one is too young to fall or be in love

So don’t judge. I’m tryna be a high school sweetheart over here.

18. I can now buy lottery tickets and cigarettes, book a hotel, sign for myself, vote, go to war, get tattoos and piercings and say PEACE to the word “minor”!!!!

Oh and get arrested…

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