A Letter To My Baby Sister

Dear Em,

Every now and then in dawns on me that while I spend my time at college in a different state, you’re growing; rapidly. This makes me sad. I hate knowing that you’re learning to talk and say names and shapes, colors, and numbers and everything in between and that I’m not there to see it. I love to see the pictures and the videos but they’re nothing compared to being there up close. With that being said here are somethings I want you to know, and if I could be there by your side for the next 4 years, would tell you.

Mom and Dad know best, most of the time. Even when it doesn’t seem like their reasoning makes sense, just try to understand.

Try new things, whenever possible. Whether it’s a new sport, a kind of food, a new subject or even a new haircut; try new things.

Let your Mom dress you in the ugly “cute” stuff. Because when you get older you can be the one with the funniest pictures.

Smile in pictures too because then you can also be the one with the cutest pictures.

Be the nice girl, the one who shares her crayons and asks the other kids to play. Don’t be bossy!

Play with barbies and dolls or trucks and cars, not ipads. Be a kid.

Dress up in costumes and make funny skits and let your Mom record you – because you’ll want to see them later (and so will I)!

Never forget that boys have cooties and that they go to Jupiter to get more stupider.

Don’t eat Play-Doh!!! Ok try it once but after that, no more.

Make Mom and Dad watch the same movies over and over again, it’s a right of passage that you’ll never get back.

Play house, restaurant, hotel, doctor and zookeeper. Again, a right of passage you won’t get back.

Have cool night-lights and fun stuffed animals to cuddle with at night.

Brush your damn teeth, twice a day.

Make Mom and Dad sit with you in the bathroom when you’re taking your bath. But let them know you can pour the water cup over your own head.

Make art that no one can understand and demand it be hung on the fridge.

Let people touch your hair. Stop screaming and let them put it in a pony.

Make forts in the living room with sheets, pillows and chairs. Hide in there when you don’t want to take a bath or go to bed.

But most importantly – 

Remember sissy. Tell sissy the stuff you can’t tell Mom and Dad. Hangout with sissy when you want to eat junk food, watch movies over and over, snuggle, play games, and go shopping.

I love you oh so much, and I can’t wait to see the amazing young woman you become.

Love always,


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