A Toast to women

For this week’s post I will admit I had trouble channeling a topic & I was nervous about my ability to stay within my deadlines. As you know I pride myself on my content being light, fun and relatable, but I think amidst the recent events it wouldn’t be right to conceal my feelings. Between the recent raw and vulnerable testimonies and court-hearings surrounding the Larry Nassar case, the madness that is the Harvey Weinstein case and the increasing collection of other sexual assault and harassment and now Harvard’s sanctions on female spaces (clubs and sororities) ; I think it’s about time for some woman empowerment.

So, for this week’s post I’d like to make an informal toast, to every woman.
*Raising my glass (of Pepsi!)*
Cheers to being strong.
Cheers to being beautiful.
Cheers to being graceful and full of positivity.
To not being afraid to challenge things, and stand up for what we believe in.
Cheers to being mothers, sisters, daughters and wives.
Cheers to being professional, and for being breadwinners.
Cheers to raising families and creating a home.
 To respecting each other, and radiating kindness.
Cheers to standing together, in the face of adversity and discrimination.
Cheers to breaking the glass ceiling and pushing boundaries.
Cheers to being independent and hard working.

To being women. To being a woman.


In leu of the second Women’s March that took place last weekend, I wanted to add my own voice of empowerment.  
I have attached photos of me and some of my favorite women. 

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