How to Have a Good Monday

Since the new change in my posting schedule (Blog Sundays + Vlog Wednesdays), I have become even more in touch with the Monday blues! The upload of Blog Sundays now signify a fun and light end to a great week… as well as a reality check that a new week is just beginning. A new week FULL of college classes, work and school for all of us. So for this week’s post I am sharing my tips and tricks to avoiding those Monday blues – How to Have a Good Monday! 


First and foremost, go into your Monday with a good attitude! You can’t possibly have a good day on any day of the week if you don’t start it with positivity. 

Eat breakfast!    Eat a good breakfast! If you normally don’t have time for a good one, and can only grab some cereal or a bar on the way out, fine, but Monday is the day to pamper yourself. Eating right on Mondays can not only set you up for a good day but also a good week. 

Think about what you have to look forward to this week. This Monday I will be thinking about my weekly vlog upload, an event for my sorority and of course… Spring Break coming up! Finding things to look forward to minimizes a long week and therefore makes you feel like it’s going quicker! 

Going along with things to look forward to – make Monday plans! Set your day up in a way that makes you feel accomplished, and then reward yourself (for all of your hard Monday work!!!) by going to dinner with the girls/guys or having a movie night, etc. Make plans for when the hard part of your day is over, that in itself gives you something to look forward to and makes Monday fun. 

Something that can seriously put you on the path to having a good Monday is first; addressing your issue with Mondays. Ask yourself, what is it that I don’t like about Mondays? Is it waking up early after a weekend of going out and sleeping in? Is it going back to a working environment, whatever that is for you? Is it a specific task or maybe a specific class? What is it that triggers your Monday blues? Once you know, you can tackle the issue. 

Another thing that actually helps me whenever I have any sort of “blues” is looking my best. Ok, so college students don’t usually get all dressed up for class but on Mondays? You should! Even for office jobs, save your best suits or dresses for Mondays. Dressing nicely and being confident in your appearance is a great way to have a good day, even on a Monday. 

Lastly – as much as you can, make your work and task load small on Mondays. Do all of your homework in advance, save food shopping for Tuesday, and if possible don’t schedule meetings on Mondays! You can have a good Monday just by giving yourself less of a load. 

With that being said,

I hope you Have A Good Monday tomorrow, and every Monday to come! 🙂


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