Keeping Up with Your NYRs?

I have yet to post anything New Year’s related, and believe it or not, there is a reason for that. I have waited until the very last day of 2018’s first month to recap on my NYR (New Year’s Resolutions!) because, well, what’s the use in telling you about them without a progress report too? So without further ado, here are my 2018 NYRs and the progress or lack thereof in a month’s time.

New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Drink 1-2 full hydro flasks everyday. (For those of you who don’t know what a hydro flask is, it is a thermal water bottle. Mine holds 32 oz of water!)

Progress: stuck with this resolution for the first 2 weeks, then I ordered Iced Tea mix on Amazon and now I’m finishing 2-3 full hydro flasks a day…. of iced tea.

2. Go to the gym 2-3 times a week.

Progress: honestly? never even started this one.

3. Save $$$!

Progress: I have to admit I have saved some money.. But I could definitely be doing a better job.

4. Stop fighting with my boyfriend.

Progress: Are you surprised by this one? I’ll admit we argue from time to time like every other couple, and my resolution isn’t meant to stop the playful arguments altogether but more to improve my reactions. No more “I’m so mad right now”, now it’s “it bothered me when…”. And I have to say? It’s been working, right, B? ❤

5. My version of “eat healthier”: Have at least one fruit a week.

Progress: It’s true! I’m not a healthy eater, I’m honestly too picky to be one. However, I thought this one would be one of the easier NYRs… wrong. Getting my hands on a decent looking fruit in a dining hall is harder than you’d think. So, this one hasn’t exactly gone into effect just yet.

6. Get all A’s this semester.

Progress: I don’t want to jinx myself but it’s looking like we’re off to a good start. I attribute that mostly to the fact that I am interested in what I’m learning right now.

7. Take vitamins everyday.

Progress: I give myself an A on this one, I really have been taking them everyday.

8. Stop procrastinating.

Progress: Still struggling with this one, and it has been a NYR of mine since, I don’t know… fifth grade?

9. Do something big, on my own.

Progress: What I mean by this is, anytime I do something big, where I am out of my comfort zone, I do it with someone else by my side. This resolution is to make sure that sometime this year or hopefully multiple times this year I do one of those kinds of things, alone. I haven’t accomplished this one yet but I will!

10. Make my bed everyday.

Progress: I have been! And I’ve noticed, it makes me feel a lot more productive when I come back to a neat looking room.

11. Get a job.

Progress: I haven’t gotten one yet, but I’ve applied and went on an interview yesterday! So, this one is on its way to being checked off.

12. Get on a sleeping schedule.

Progress: Nope. Just no. This is physically impossible in college and I almost feel stupid for even including it at this point..

13. Meet more people.

Progress: In just this month I would say I have met more of my sorority sisters than I knew last semester, and I’ve met a ton of new people in class too. So, I’d say this one is in motion.

14. Get off my phone.

Progress: I think for the most part, when I am out with other people and doing things, I’ve been staying off my phone, though I could be making bigger strides. Definitely working on this one.

15. Get more involved.

Progress: I want to get more involved with my sorority, school, my major, etc. I’d say that I do need to start making more of an effort, though I feel like I’ve made a little bit of a change.

16. Taking my makeup off before bed!!!

Progress: Gotta try harder with this one… I think I am going to have to start leaving the wipes by my bed.

17. Enjoy myself, and live in the moment.

Progress: I am pleased to say I think I am making this one happen. I can’t stress how important I think it is to focus on what’s going on now, rather than what’s going on later. I’ve made it a point to implement this resolution everyday this month.

18. (18 for 2018!!) Post weekly to HoneyBean 🙂

Progress: I am so proud and happy to say that I have accomplished this for the month of January and plan to continue this resolution every week!

I hope you have all been enjoying my uploads! Happy Belated New Year!

Have you been keeping up with your NYRs?


I’d love to hear some feedback and or ideas for uploads so please, contact me through the contact page! Thanks! 🙂 #HoneyBean

One thought on “Keeping Up with Your NYRs?

  1. I am in absolute awe that you have 18 NYRs – most people have 2 or 3 and don’t manage to keep them (speaking from personal experience!). For #1, don’t worry – there is water in the iced tea. For #5, I’ll send honey crisps. For #s 6, 7 and 10 – yay you! I’m so proud of your progress – and # 11 will happen👍🏻 Really proud of you for 13, 15 and 17 and so many more things! Honey Bean you are amazing and I’ve been loving your uploads – keep em coming 😀😀


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