Last Min V-Day Date Ideas

10 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Often times we let holidays creep up on us… especially Valentine’s Day! But this year is going to be different – no excuses! For this week’s post I am giving you 10 Last Minute Valentine’s Day DATE IDEAS! 

1. Classic Dinner Date

This one is easy, make a reservation (even if you don’t need one, it makes you look prepared!!) and take your S.O out for dinner. Get dressed up and choose a classy place, or better yet a place that means something to the two of you.

2. Homemade Dinner Date

ONLY go with this date if you know how to cook (…or order in)! Get cooking, set the table, and invite your S.O over for that amazing dish your mom taught you how to make! Homemade dinners can be just as romantic, if not more than going out!

3. A Movie Night

Another classic, pull out you or your S.O’s favorite movie, maybe even the one you watched on your first date and snuggle up. You have got to have popcorn and candy though, or the date isn’t real!!

4. Daytime Date

For a still cute and fun Valentine’s Day Date, go for a hike, head to an amusement park or set up a picnic to watch the sunset at a park nearby. Daytime dates can make your Valentine’s Day an all day affair!

5. Homemade Dessert Date

This is a fun one to add to any of the others. Either you just got back from your restaurant date, daytime date or just finished eating your homemade meal… Pull out the fresh strawberries, melting chocolates, and fun heart shaped sprinkles! Lookup some super fun Pinterest Valentine recipes and get desserting. I personally love baking and who wouldn’t want to bake with their S.O?!

Here are some cute V-Day dessert recipes:





6. Group Date

The more the merrier right? Go to dinner with your friends and their dates! Have a game night or movie marathon! Throw a pot luck dinner, everyone brings a dish! Inviting friends into the mix can make your date into more of an event and therefore even more fun!

7. Galentine’s Date

So maybe you don’t have a S.O this year? No problem! Go out with the girls (or the guys!!) or stay in and have a sleepover! Valentine’s Day is for being with the people you love, right?

8. Concert or Event Date

So this one might be hard – especially since it’s last minute but… you’d be surprised what you can find on the Facebook “events near me” tab or just by Googling! Maybe there’s a V-Day themed event nearby or a concert in town that you can snag tickets to! You never know unless you look!

9. Adventurous Date

Similar to the Daytime Date, but this one’s good for any time. Go iceskating, rollerblading or maybe even camp somewhere overnight! Totally open for interpretation! Try to do something you and your S.O haven’t ever done before! Be adventurous – and be sure to take a lot of pics!

10. Raincheck Date!

It’s unfortunate, but not everyone’s schedules matchup and or you can’t always be with your S.O on Valentine’s Day. If that’s the case for you and your S.O this year, no biggie. In fact, it gives you even more time to plan a spectacular Raincheck Valentine’s Day Date!

One thought on “Last Min V-Day Date Ideas

  1. What fun! I absolutely love this post – great suggestions (a couple of unique ones) in a positive and upbeat “chat with your best friend” manner. You just spread some Valentines Day happiness for those who were struggling to come up with a good idea for that special day!

    Liked by 1 person

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