Moving Out

This upcoming week is the final week of my freshman year at Arizona State and I can’t begin to express how I’m feeling about it.

I have been at war with myself trying to pack up my room – debating whether it’s too soon or I’m behind schedule. Finally, the other day I began to pack up the obvious stuff – the wall stuff. I took a box and peeled, unclipped and pulled off all of the decor, photos and trinkets that for the past 8 months have been plastered to the walls of my dorm room. In the moment it felt really good and productive, but once I was finished I looked at the empty wall and felt so empty.

That box is only the first of many that will be literally filled to the brim with things I’ve lived with and gathered during the 8 months of my freshman year.

The ending of this year is the definition of bittersweet. I am so excited to have summer vacation, be with family and friends from home and have a break from class, while simultaneously, I feel like I’m being forced to leave something that I’ve come to absolutely love and appreciate as a home.

I’ve met so many amazing people this year, whether it be in class, greek life, in the dorms, etc. and leaving has me genuinely upset. There are people here that I’ve spent everyday with, and now I can’t imagine spending 3 months apart.

And while I can’t wait to get out of the dorms and have an apartment – I can’t help but feel sad I won’t be living here anymore. I have the most perfect view, the cutest little dorm room and the best roomie! This room gave me my independence and truly became my home. Now I’m just supposed to leave it all behind?

I wanted to make this week’s blog post about the big move out because, I feel like this feeling is mutual among college students. I feel like people around me are going through the same motions and not sure how to feel about it. Leaving my freshman year is overwhelming. This year genuinely FLEW by, and when I look back at my first couple days and weeks, it feels like an eternity ago.

I learned and grew so much as a person, student and woman this year. I owe that to the people that came into my life, for whatever reasons they did, the experiences I had, the opportunities I was given and the amazing university that I go to.

Cheers to moving out, freshman year, finals week and summer.

& a HUGE thank you to everyone who made Arizona feel like home, you know who you are 🙂

Until next Sunday!! (when I actually move out 😦 ) ,

Sydney ❤

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