Travel Review: LA

Hello and Happy BlogSunday everyone! I hope you’re having a great week thus far, and that you’re excited for the week to come 🙂 .  For this week’s post I have decided to introduce a new series called “Travel Review”! I thought it would be a fun way to both reflect on the trips that I take and also give tips, suggestions, recommendations, etc. to people interested in making similar trips. So without further ado, here is the pilot post to this series; Travel Review of Los Angeles, California!


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Mapping it Out: Our Schedule

This exciting Spring Break trip was both mine and my boyfriend’s first time to LA, so we spent a lot of time planning prior to the trip.

☆SATURDAY: drove from PHX to LA, went food shopping & made dinner at Airbnb

☆SUNDAY: went to the Melrose Trading Post & Clippers Game

☆MONDAY: shopped and ate lunch at The Grove and later had dinner at LA Prime

☆TUESDAY: ran around Universal Studios Hollywood and met up with friends from home to bowl and hangout !! ❤ 

☆WEDNESDAY: Gianna drove to LA to stay with us and my mom flew out to join in! We all went to lunch and shopped in Santa Monica, ate dinner at Bottega Louie in Downtown LA and ended the night in the hot tub 

☆THURSDAY: enjoyed Six Flags: Magic Mountain all day and had dinner at TOMGEORGE in Downtown LA

☆FRIDAY: took the Warner Bros Studio Tour, went to Hollywood Blvd, toured the TCL Chinese Theater and saw Black Panther in MX4D 

☆SATURDAY: had lunch at Malibu Cafe in Malibu, dropped B off at the airport, and drove home to PHX 



☆ Melrose Trading Post – The Trading Post is basically an outdoor flea-market/thrifting event that happens every Sunday from 9am-5pm. The event space is huge, they have some food trucks and there are tons and tons of cool “vendors” to buy from. This experience was so fun and it completely satisfied my beliefs of how trendy and unique LA is made out to be.  I would definitely recommend this to people traveling in the area.

☆The Grove – The Grove is like an outdoor retail complex that honestly reminded me slightly of Disney world. The complex had closed off streets with nice fountains and cute restaurants and higher end stores. It also has a cool market place that has all kinds of food, and trinkets. I have always seen and heard about The Grove from youtube videos and stuff so it was fun for me to actually go.

☆Universal Studios Hollywood – I am such an amusement park junkie so I had been waiting to go here, but the park exceeded all of my expectations. We went on a Tuesday so there were no lines and we got on every attraction within 5 minutes. We went through Harry Potter World, and Jurassic Park, etc. But the best by far was the Studio Tour. The studio tour is basically an attraction that takes you around, “behind the scenes” of the lots and sets that Universal Studios uses for their shows and movies. We got to go to Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives, part of the original JAWS set, and the Grinch.

☆Warner Bros Studio Tour – This was very similar to the other studio tour, but more interactive. We got to tour Ellen’s set, the original Central Perk set from F.R.I.E.N.D.S and tour houses from Pretty Little Liars and Gilmore Girls!

☆MX4D Movie – This was just an extra fun thing for us to do but it was an interesting experience. After touring the TCL Chinese Theater we bought tickets to Black Panther in a 4D style theater. The theater is interactive with the movie so we smelt things, our chairs moved and water sprayed, etc. It was especially cool to see that particular movie in this way.


☆Malibu Cafe – This place was unreal. We unfortunately went on a rainy day and we couldn’t experience their everyday setup but even still, it was amazing. The food was great but it was more about the atmosphere here. The entire space was outdoors, but with cozy and quaint vibes, I can barely describe it – you have to see it for yourself.

☆Del Frisco’s Grille – I have eaten at Del Frisco’s before but eating in Santa Monica was just a better experience. I had the chicken sandwich and it was amazing, they have trendy and unique options and the meal for all of us was just really good.

☆TOMGEORGE – This was a typical trendy downtown LA restaurant with the cool lighting and outdoor seating. I felt like I was Carrie Bradshaw catching a meal with her friends in the city – just really fun and city-like atmosphere with good food.


I had an amazing Spring Break and I think choosing LA was the way to go. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire week and all of the amazing things I got to experience, not to mention who I got to experience them with. Definitely will be returning to LA at some point in the future and definitely recommend making the trip to anyone thinking about it!

See you in April, Cali! ❤





One thought on “Travel Review: LA

  1. Great blog and fantastic information. So glad you got to do so many cool things on your first Spring Break from ASU!


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