Being a freshman in college my free time varies week to week. Some days I have what seems to be all the time in the world, while others I am drowning. On those days when I get to be free I wanted to give myself something to do, and put effort into. I love writing and expressing my ideas and thoughts, so I thought what better platform to do that on than a blog?

I started this blog to have fun with what I’m thinking, and hopefully write some relatable pieces.  I won’t say I am trying to reach a specific audience and make some bullshit impact, because that isn’t at all what I’m setting out to do. I want to write about my life and life experiences; as an eighteen year old, a college student, a daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, a woman, a journalist, and many other things. I like to write like I talk, and so, many of my pieces won’t be grammatically correct, they won’t be like articles and I can’t say they will all be relatable. I like to tell stories, share ideas and thoughts, complain, joke around and even sometimes be super dramatic because I get to be! I love taking pictures, and documenting things, so that’s where the “vlogging” will come in to play. Most of my pieces will be things I’d personally want to see or read, so while that may not match up with your preferences, I hope you’ll enjoy them anyway. I’m not interested in offending anyone, not going to discuss politics, and if you’re looking for any of that just check Facebook. But, with all of that being said, if you’re into this sort of thing, please stick around because I’d love to have you here.

I’m ecstatic to have a platform like this to express myself and can’t wait to get posting. If you have suggestions for me, because God knows I’ll have writer’s block, send them my way! Either get in touch with me through the contact page, or if you know me personally shoot me a text.

Ahhh! Thanks for checking this out. I hope to see you back here soon 🙂

Welcome to TheHoneyBean.

3 thoughts on “welcome

  1. Hi Syd….
    I was best friends with your mom growing up. (We even had BFF shirts) she was such a big part of my childhood….I so enjoy reading your stories….looking forward to your blog…


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